Anderson Tully Legal Service

Exemplary Performance

Proven Track Record

A History of Success in Legal Advocacy

$2.5 million

Spinal Cord Injury due to workplace accident

$3.8 million

Medical Malpractice due to surgical error

$5 million

Wrongful Death due to negligence in a nursing home

$1.5 million

Product Liability due to a defective product causing injury


Slip And Fall Accident due to negligence in maintaining a property

$4 million

Birth Injury due to medical negligence during childbirth

$2.2 million

Construction Accident due to unsafe working conditions


Dog Bite Injury due to a dog attack

$1.7 million

Truck Accident due to a commercial truck driver's negligence

$1.3 million

Motorcycle Accident due to a collision with a negligent driver